The Author

Hartwig Bögeholz, born 1952, is blessed with experience of life. After wild youth-years and uneasy insights in the dark sides of society during his community service he enrolled at the sociological faculty of Bielefeld university. He heard Niklas Luhmann and Claus Offe without becoming one of their disciples. Ever since graduation he worked as a freelance writer.

Then living in West-Berlin he studied the societies of Eastern Europe which only appeared to be stable and unshakable. Their inner life behind the Iron Curtain showed much more frictions and contradictions than anyone in the West assumed. To open these inside views to interested Western people he wrote a political travel book (under penname, together with Franek Blohm) about the former German Democratic Republic. Long before the collapse of communism this book not only served visitors but also critical folks inside East Germany as informational help. One more political travel book he edited covered all countries of Eastern Europe.

From middle of the eighties he toured China regularly, whose society presents a very peculiar combination of continuity and change. After the Tiananmen-Massacre he wrote a book about these bloody events where he predicted what no one in the West could believe - that China would continue its policy of reforms and open doors. Recently he published a book about Hong Kong, which portraits the inner life of this metropolis and the growing, but hidden influence of Beijing on Hong Kong affairs.

Other books are presenting historical facts, whose study reveals how all political and scientific theories about historical developments narrow the perspective and reduce the complexity of reality. Hartwig Bögeholz wrote comprehensive chronologies of post-war Germany and of the Gulf War and shorter pieces about Soviet Union and German Reunification. But all this would remain intellectual realization if it would not be accompanied by intense experiences of life: In the middle of China Hartwig Bögeholz survived a dramatic car accident only just, together with a Japanese friend. His second birth is credited to unknown Chinese peasants who rescued him out of a deep gorge. Now father of four kids, whose upbringing he mostly cared for, he knows about the real worth of life. Besides his writings he manages a bookshop he established in his residential suburb.
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